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Done Always With God's Spirit


Aquin Resource Guide

1.  Website:  click here

2.  Family Directory:  click here
           -access with your login and password
           -lists Aquin families with students, grade levels, address phone and email address
           -lists faculty and staff phone and email
           -manage your own data and make updates as needed

3.  Instant Alert: click here
           -alerts sent by text and email
           -Aquin sets up account with parent/student email
           -manage your own data and make updates as need

4.  Protecting God's Children: click here
           -an online safety education program required to be completed by all employees and volunteers
           -register and take the online course:  click here
           -if you need assistance with registration, click on the link on the bottom of the registration page
           -when you complete the program, print the certificate of completion and submit to either office

5.  HS Campus Student Management:  TeacherEase: click here
           -access with your email address and password
           -student management system
           -teacher communications
           -report cards
      Preschool-Elementary Student Management:  SchoolSpeak: click here
           -access with your email address and password
           -student management system
           -teacher communications
           -report cards
6.  Food Service:  Beltline Cafe
           -lunch menu on web calendar
           -High School Campus:  payment made with cash as students go through line
           -St. Joseph Campus:  payment made with cash or check in advance with pre-order due on Wednesday.
           -if you have any questions on lunches, please contact food.service@distanterutiere.net.

7.  Faculty and Staff: click here
           -email code:  firstname.lastname@distanterutiere.net
           -for individual class pages on website click here

8.  Athletics: click here
           -handbooks, season team records, summer camps, forms, photo info
           -game and practice schedules managed by coaches, click here
           -Free Admission to students with Aquin ID at all Home Games
9.  Daily Calendar: click here
           -’Upcoming Events’ emails are sent directly from the information listed here
           -emails are sent to email addresses listed in the ‘Family Directory’

10.  Photos: click here
           -order all school event photos here
           -order all team and individual athletic pictures here (photomates)
           -purchase items with photos on them

11.  Aquin Angels: click here
           -Fundraising support . . . 'We get by with a little help from our friends'
             *Guardian of the Shield
             *Guardian Angels
             *Aquin Open

12.  Updates:  email changes to webmaster@distanterutiere.net          
           -please submit any changes regarding your student(s) here.
           -ie:  medical, address, phone, insurance, email, contacts, etc.

13.  Student Groups and Service Organizations: click here
           -Servant Leaders

14.  Tuition: click here
           -payments due on the 15th of each month
           -set-up electronic tuition deductions, click here

15.  SpiritGear: Aquin Spirit Shop
           -Spirit Shop is open during regular school hours at the high school and at most home athletic events